Monday, January 19, 2009

For my friend Briana

I just wanted to post a few pictures from the day that Dylan got his tubes.
I was a very nervous mother and of course feared the worst.
My biggest concern was however how to keep a child, who's first word upon waking is "juice" from getting even the slightest amount of liquid.
Lucky for me the surgery was scheduled for very early in the morning, so basically we got him out of bed, into the carseat and to the hopsital without much fuss as he went backtop sleep in the car.
Once at the hospital there was so much going on that I don't think he even remembered anything about a drink.

Once Dylan was in the OR (daddy went with him, cause I didn't have the nerve), we got told to wait in the waiting room. At that point my husband made a phone call and I went to get some coffee for us. I don't think I was gone for more then 10 minutes. When I got back the nurse told me to come back and that Dylan was just waking up.

Now they did warn us that some kids have a hard time coming out of anesthisia so I was fully prepared. When I got back to his room though, he was snuggeling with the nurse and only cried briefly when he saw me.

Once he got a hold of his juice he was just fine.

I am very glad that I got Dylan his tubes, as he hasn't had any problems with his ears since.
The only issue we're having now is trying to keep the plug when when he's in the tub. He likes to drive mommy crazy by taking them out as soon as he hits the water.
Not sure what I'll do in the pool yet, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.