Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So far Dylan seems to be enjoying himself at daycare.

I was really nervous as some of you know, especially once the owner told me that he would be sleeping on a cot.

Yeah right I thought. Well, guess what...he DOES sleep on his cot.
Some days longer then others, but he DOES.
Can you tell I'm excited.

Also, now that he only gets one nap at daycare 3 days a week he has made the transition at home to. He usually sleeps from 12:30-2:30 when he's with me.

I'm hoping that he will keep that schedule going as it seems to work out pretty well for us.

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Stacy said...

You are so lucky. Layla has pretty much decided to stop taking a nap. If she does it only last about 30-45 minutes. I'm not surprised because all the other kids stopped taking them around the same age so I know it was coming.